The purpose of Professional Development (PD) is to provide employees with opportunities to learn, apply, or reinforce Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA's) that can help them in conducting their daily job functions.  PD courses can be job specific, task specific, or in most cases, general to the professional work environment in order to enhance the overall level and breadth of professional skills that may be beneficial in any workplace.

Employees desiring to obtain new skills, improve current skills, or even refresh or sustain skills already mastered should take advantage of every PD opportunity they are offered. Though it is always nice to be selective about what PD classes and courses to participate in, courses offered through an employer are often indicative of specific job enhancing skills the employer has identified as "critical secondary KSA's" they desire in all of their employees. Such offerings lead to a better understanding of the current workplace environment, a greater level of employee competency, and thus, greater productivity in the workforce.

The training programs offered in this Course Category are designed to provide the employee with learning opportunities that will broaden their skillset, and potentially assist them in executing many of their job functions more efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, these courses can be fun and informative, and easily translate into skills required or desired beyond the business office and workplace environment to be used in every day life.

If you have determined that you want to improve some of your skills, take a look at the courses offered here. Some are very basic, and others more advanced. Where offered, you can select your desired level of training and begin there. It is always suggested that the student begin with the most basic courses and advance from there, even if such courses only serve as reminder and refresher training of those basic concepts we tend to forget about.

Feedback on PD courses offered is always welcome. If you have suggestions or recommendations on areas or information you would like to see offered as PD courses, email the Training and Routing Coordinator at