Have you ever wanted to be the Captain of the team? Have you ever imagined yourself in charge of people who would follow you anywhere and do anything you ask to achieve a common goal? From the grade-school playground to the executive boardroom, at some point in life, everyone wants to be a leader.

But are leaders born or made? What skills are needed to be an effective, inspirational leader? What are some of the characteristics of a leader? What should a leader be, know, and do? What is the difference between being a good leader and a good manager? Can you be both?

These are just some of the questions explored and answered in the collection of informational training tools provided in this course section. In this comprehensive series of classes, each training module explores the various aspects and concepts of leadership and management, providing the learner with insight and information relating to the character, capabilities, and mind-sets of what it takes to become a good, well-rounded, and effective leader in their own right.

Begin the training by viewing the PowerPoint presentation, "Leadership and Management". Then view the remaining training modules for more brief, but informative explanation on some of the concepts you've learned, and to learn more about what you can do as an individual to improve you leadership and management skills!