Welcome to the 2021-2022 Safety Training For Managers section!

This section was created specifically for Area Supervisors, County Supervisors, and Shop Foremen to provide management level training and information relating to employee safety and compliance training. Information presented in this section is required, by regulation and policy, to be presented to, and completed by all employees on an ANNUAL basis.

Some training modules provide information for managers relating to their roles and responsibilities in the safety and training requirements for their employees. Once managers have completed this training, it is recommended they create a training plan for their employees covering the required subject areas, and add that training to regularly scheduled Shop Safety meetings or other times of opportunity to conduct that training.

This section also contains additional training and information for managers in unregulated safety training which may be beneficial to them, their employees, and their operations. It is recommended that each manager become familiar with those subject areas, and should integrate that information in their training plan for employees to ensure they are provided as much information as possible in an effort to keep their work environment, and themselves, as safe and free from injury as possible. 

Managers accessing training in this section do not need to complete the section designated for employees. All information provided to employees in their designated section is also included here.

This course contains all mandatory safety training subjects for SCDE School Bus Maintenance Shop management level employees. Much of this training is required for all employees in yours and other fields of employment through federal regulations governed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Some outlines specific requirements for managers to be aware of an implement in their work areas. Other areas of this safety training are mandated by SCDE, or are simply good information to have.