Welcome to the 2021-2022 SCDE Safety Training for Employees section!

This section was created for SCDE Bus Shop employees (Clerks and Technicians) to provide mandatory, regulated safety and compliance training relevant to the industry of vehicle maintenance and operations.

The training in this section is required, by regulation and policy, to be presented ANNUALLY to each employee.

Ensuring employees have a safe work environment is the responsibility of an employer, but it is the responsibility of the employee to work safely. Further, it is the individual's responsibility to know and understand all safety requirements, how to properly use equipment, and how to identify and react to hazards in the workplace.  

Managers should NOT complete this section.  Training for Managers (Area Supervisors, County Supervisors, and Shop Foremen) should access the Safety Training for Managers page.

This course contains all mandatory safety training subjects for SCDE School Bus Maintenance Shop non-management level employees. Management level employees should complete the Safety Training for Managers section.