Certification Training offers the employee a means of learning a job skill, and upon successful completion of measured testing to verify competency in that skill, receiving confirmation of that completion through the issuance of a local certification from the agency. Certification does not indicate complete mastery of a subject, however it does go a long way to ensuring the person completing the training has obtained the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities required to conduct a task or function.


All training contained on this page requires an enrollment key to access. Enrollment keys can be obtained from the SCDE Training and Routing Coordinator by emailing RPoore@ed.sc.gov or calling 803-734-4605.

Please include your full name, what shop you are assigned to (SCDE Main Office, Driver Trainers, and Maintenance Specialists - just use SCDE), and the course name you are wanting access to. A response email will be sent to you when time permits.

This course is designed for SCDE School Bus Maintenance Shop employees who, in the course of their duties, may be required to operate a tanker vehicle for the purpose of fueling buses. This course is not restricted to Fuel/Lube Technicians, but also includes Line Technicians (Mechanic III/Tech II), Assistant Shop Foremen (where applicable), and Shop Foremen.

This course will cover some of the following information:

     - Laws, regulations, and policies related to the transportation of Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT); 
     - How to properly conduct a pre-inspection of the vehicle and equipment;
     - How to properly load a tanker vehicle; 
     - How to properly drive and operate a tanker vehicle;
     - How to properly dispense fluids and fuel from a tanker vehicle;
     - How to respond to accidents, incidents, spills, and releases from a tanker vehicle;
     - Proper methods relating to changing tires on buses

When completed, the employee will be able to access a hands-on checklist and course certificate that must be printed and submitted to their Shop Foreman. The Shop Foreman and Assistant Shop Foreman (where applicable) must conduct a hands-on evaluation of the employee and mark the corresponding "Pass" or "Fail" box on the hands-on checklist. When the employee has demonstrated proficiency to the satisfaction of the evaluator, both the evaluation form and Certificate must be signed by the Shop Foreman, and placed in the Foreman's files.

Certificates are good for five (5) years before recertification is required.